Chickens Demand Egg Cartons Accurately Represent Poultry Community

Chickens Demand Egg Cartons Accurately Represent Poultry Community

PETALUMA, CA – Aiming to fowl up the established pecking order in egg aisles nationwide, chickens are demanding that egg cartons accurately represent the quickly shifting demographics of the poultry community. 

“Separate but equal doesn’t fly with chickens anymore,” crowed one cock known only as Beaker. “Brown eggs now account for 40% of all eggs produced, yet most egg cartons sold in grocery stores today are white eggs that are openly segregated from brown eggs.”

“White eggs are also housed in better cartons and have fewer cracks than brown eggs,” Beaker continued. “This is a serious fowl rights issue that will no longer be tolerated.”

“The poultry community is beautiful and diverse but it’s not reflected on store shelves where it matters most,” one brown feathered hen squawked to reporters while laying her third non-white egg of the day. “Whether eventually scrambled or enjoyed sunnyside up, I want my chicks to live in an inclusive egg carton where they’re not judged simply by the color of their egg shell.”

“It’s not only chicken eggs that are negatively impacted by lack of proper representation near the dairy and frozen food sections,” chicken activist Benedict pointed out. “Turkey, quail, duck and even pigeon eggs have virtually zero representation – and nobody cares.”

Chicken activists are calling for the poultry industry to do the right thing and include at least 30% brown and multi-colored eggs in every carton of white eggs.

“Inclusive egg cartons isn’t just for the birds; it’s for all fowl-kind,” Benedict told reporters.

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