NYU Student Violently Attacked by Wrong Pronouns Left for Dead in Park

NYU Student Violently Attacked by Wrong Pronouns Left for Dead in Park Redhead lying in park

A gruesome scene unfolded this afternoon in New York City’s Central Park. IT specialist Max Adnet violently attacked twenty-one year old NYU student Esther Reynolds with the wrong gender pronouns and left the battered coed for dead in the historic park.

Recovering from the near deadly attack at Lenox Hill Hospital, Ms Reynolds nervously recounted the assault to reporters. “It was so horrific, I can barely remember any of it,” the NYU student stated.

Ms Reynold related that the assault rapidly unfolded as Mr Adnet, who was walking his German Shepherd on a lovely Saturday afternoon, politely said “Excuse me, ma’am.” Ms Reynolds, who appears to be biologically female, prefers they/them pronouns and was effectively misgendered.

“Those words were like a blow to the back of my head,” the gender non-conforming student stated. “The emotional and physical pain were so intense, I couldn’t even think.”

Ms Reynold then stated that the vicious attack continued as Mr Adnet asked her for the time. “I’m tough, but being misgendered felt like someone had hit me with a hammer a second time. Everything’s foggy after that,” the ivy league student stated.

NYPD detective Isaac Fraga stated Ms Reynolds suffered severe blunt force trauma to her gender identity, rendering the student lifeless. “When Ms Reynolds became non-responsive, Mr Adnet reportedly said, ‘Thanks anyway, babe,’ and callously left the mortally wounded student to perish in the park,” the detective stated.

Detective Fraga told reporters that the misgendered NYU student is only alive today because a fellow student witnessed the assault and alerted authorities. Mr Adnet is expected to be brought up on attempted murder charges.

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