Mom ‘Very Upset’ Son Identifies as Boy, Not Little Girl She Always Wanted

Worried her son isn't yet showing signs of gender dysphoria, loving local mom Chastity Payne is "very upset" that her beautiful son Miles identifies as...

Beautiful White People ‘Racist’ for Perpetuating White Beauty Standards

Minority groups, academics and feminists claim that beautiful white people are racist because they perpetuate harmful white beauty standards.

8 Strippers Accuse Drake of Assault With Strongest Dick Game in Rap

Eight Houston strippers have come forward accusing Canadian-born rapper Drake of sexually assaulting them with the strongest dick game in rap.

Russian Intelligence Agency Confirms Trump Meddled in US Elections

Damning new information from Foreign Intelligence Service, a Russian intelligence agency, confirms Trump meddled in the US presidential election.

Japanese Robotics Engineer Fired for Fondling ‘Most Beautiful’ Android

A Japanese robotics engineer was summarily fired for groping the breasts of the world's "most beautiful" android Erica

Area Woman Seeks Divorce Just Four Months After Marrying Herself

Unable to find a man deserving of her, 38 year old art director Mary Schwartz recently became sologamous and married herself.

Trans Women Are Future of Men’s Entertainment Says Failing Men’s Mag

Riding the recent transgender craze, failing Portland-based men's magazine Get It will feature only trans women to boost it's sagging readership.

Internet Is Cesspool of Facts & Knowledge Warns Christian Televangelist

A prominent Christian religious leader warned that the internet is nothing but a cesspool of facts and knowledge and should be avoided at all costs.

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Feminists Push Bill Excluding Hot Guys from Sexual Harassment Laws

Ordinarily known for being man-hating femsplainers, feminists are finally showing some love for men, at least the hot ones.

Drug-Fueled Orgies Reduce Stress, Boost Morale Says ClutchX CEO

DENVER, CO - With staff more relaxed and cooperative after using hard drugs combined with group fornication, ClutchX CEO...

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Harvard Admits an Alarmingly High Rate of Male Students Are Attracted to Females

CAMBRIDGE, MA - After numerous disturbing reports of men...

So Profound! Pretty Girl Writes Song About Being a Pretty Girl Called Pretty Girl

ARLINGTON, TX - With Shakespearean-like word choice, local pretty...

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