8 Strippers Accuse Drake of Assault With Strongest Dick Game in Rap

8 Strippers Accuse Drake of Assault with Strongest Dick Game in Rap Drake and Future 2016 Summer Sixteen Tour

Just months after Drake’s Houston Appreciation Weekend at Cle Nightclub, eight courageous strippers who performed at the pool party have finally stepped out of the shadows about the world famous rapper’s assault. The strippers, who requested to remain anonymous, accuse the Canadian-born singer songwriter and entrepreneur of sexually assaulting them with the strongest dick game in rap.

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“Drake’s dick game is absolutely ridiculous. He beat me up better than any rapper out there,” said one victim of her traumatizing sexual encounter with Drake. “He lured me from the pool to his hotel suite and within minutes the assault happened. He was just layin’ down that dick like there’s no tomorrow. It was scary; I thought he was gonna kill me – for real though! You just don’t know how it feels to be so helpless. I’m sore to this day.”

All eight of the strippers reported that Drake forced them to orgasm multiple times against their will. “It was a nightmare – orgasm after orgasm. It felt like the abuse would never end. Drake is a sexual sadist. There’s no other way to put it,” said another stripper who began to tear up. “I was nothing more than a sexual object to him, a piece of meat. I’ve never had someone force so much intense pleasure on me like that before.”

Another stripper reluctantly added, “I was simply a tool for him to fulfill his own sick, sexual fetishes. He deserves time behind bars for what he did to me – to us. Yeah we’re strippers but we’re people too and sexual assault is a real thing.” Drake’s accusers are preparing to file formal charges with Houston police.

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