Disgusting! Helpless Woman Harassed by Group of Men Not Paying Attention to Her

Blacksburg, VA - In a disgusting display of sexual aggression, helpless woman Mary Carney was harassed by a group of men not paying attention...

Nation’s Girlfriends Threaten to Have Sex, Warn They May Enjoy It

BUFORD, MT - Boyfriends are cowering in fear this evening after the nation's girlfriends threatened to have sex, warning they may actually enjoy it,...

Awkward! 22 Year Old Last in Friend Group to Sell Nudes on Onlyfans

HUNTINGTON, NY - Twenty-two year old Huntington woman Lela Ellis is distressed today after learning she's the last person in her group of friends...

Cute Couple Instantly Clicked After Learning They Both Had Dying in Common

CHANDLER, AZ - Having trouble finding someone with the same interests and goals, cute couple Ruth Newton and Bill Weaver instantly clicked after learning...

Kinky! Feminist Fantasizes About Fucking the Patriarchy Like a Submissive 1950s Housewife

Despite being kink-shamed by fellow gender equality crusaders, feminist Vicki Ballard fantasizes non-stop about fucking the patriarchy like a submissive 1950s housewife, shocked feminist...

Bored Couple Forced to Talk to Each Other After Finishing Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime and Youtube

FRENSO, CA - No longer able to put off their inevitable interaction, bored local couple Frank Phelps and Kathryn Kirkland were forced to talk...

Shocking Number of Women Struggle Living from Boyfriends’ Paycheck to Boyfriends’ Paycheck

WASHINGTON, DC - Despite a strong economy with rising wages among America's boyfriends, a shocking number of women still struggle living from boyfriends' paycheck...

Women Experts at Multitasking Several Fuckboys at Once, Study Finds

MIAMI, FL - Quelling doubts that modern girls can masterfully juggle casual trysts with scores of guys concurrently, a study conducted by the University...

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USDA Approves Free Range Girlfriends

WASHINGTON, DC - After numerous disturbing reports of being unnecessarily caged to one boyfriend, the USDA has finally taken...

Feminists Push Bill Excluding Hot Guys from Sexual Harassment Laws

Ordinarily known for being man-hating femsplainers, feminists are finally showing some love for men, at least the hot ones.

Drug-Fueled Orgies Reduce Stress, Boost Morale Says ClutchX CEO

DENVER, CO - With staff more relaxed and cooperative after using hard drugs combined with group fornication, ClutchX CEO...

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Meet the Dude Who Made a Cool $12 Million Online from Inside His Mother’s Womb

SILICON VALLEY - We've all heard of people making...

Yale Professor Advocating White Genocide Kills Self to Get Ball Rolling

Desperate to end white supremacy and wipe the scourge...

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California Reduces Murder to Jaywalking as Way to End Harmful Stigma Faced by Cold-Blooded Killers

SACRAMENTO, CA - As murderers suffer increasing discrimination for...

Area Woman Seeks Divorce Just Four Months After Marrying Herself

Unable to find a man deserving of her, 38 year old art director Mary Schwartz recently became sologamous and married herself.

Beautiful White People ‘Racist’ for Perpetuating White Beauty Standards

Minority groups, academics and feminists claim that beautiful white people are racist because they perpetuate harmful white beauty standards.
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