Russian Intelligence Agency Confirms Trump Meddled in US Elections

Russian Intelligence Agency Confirms Trump Meddled in US Elections Trump Thumbs Up Soviet Flag

The election of business tycoon and reality TV star Donald Trump to the United States’ presidency is seen by many as a huge miscarriage of democracy. Ever since his election, there’s been speculation that he somehow stole or otherwise meddled in the election process. Now, damning new information from within the Foreign Intelligence Service, a Russian intelligence agency, confirms that Trump did indeed meddle in the US elections.

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The Russian intelligence agency reports that Trump bought ads in both social media and traditional media, like television and newspapers, to spread propaganda willy-nilly to the public. “It was a deliberate attempt,” said agency director Lyadov Matvei Timofeyevich, “to misinform the American people with the details of his political platform. And guess what? The American public bought it – hook, line and sinker.”

According to the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) probe, the media buys were just part of a larger, multi-pronged propaganda strategy to directly hurt Hillary Clinton’s chances of becoming the first female president. The orange-haired candidate fraudulently beat Clinton; He spent weeks on the road giving stump speeches in critical battle ground states to huge crowds of adoring, everyday Americans whom Clinton dubbed ‘deplorables.’

The SVR probe also confirms that Trump’s election-meddling was masterfully insidious. Unlike his rival, Trump would candidly speak his mind on topics ranging from immigration to the economy just to garner undue press attention – attention Clinton clearly deserved more than a bloated buffoon.

“There’s also unequivocal evidence that the Trump campaign bought voter email lists,” agency secretary Dimitri Savelievich added, “with the express purpose of blanketing American citizens with menacing mass emails. These emails exposed sensitive information about Trump’s political ideas, why Hillary Clinton is a crooked candidate, and reminders to vote on election day.”

“What Mr Trump did was truly outlandish – even criminal,” said the Russian agency director.

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