Mom ‘Very Upset’ Son Identifies as Boy, Not Little Girl She Always Wanted

Mom ‘Very Upset’ Son Identifies as Boy, Not Little Girl She Always Wanted

Worried her son isn’t yet showing signs of gender dysphoria, loving local mom Chastity Payne is “very upset” that her beautiful son Miles identifies as a boy and not the little girl she always wanted. “He would make the perfect little girl,” Ms Payne told reporters.

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“It’d really be a dream come true if Miles were to question his gender identity and start believing he was actually a girl. He’s already five years old though and time is running out,” the frustrated single mother stated.

Ms Payne did considerable research into transgender children and began to have serious doubts that her rambunctious son would ever identify as a girl. “Some little boys identify as a girl as young as 18 months. I’m devastated. It’s such a disappointment,” she said.

The boy then appeared from his room dressed as a cross between Luke Skywalker, John Wayne and Superman, caped with a lightsaber in one hand and six-shooter in the other. “I can’t handle this,” his mother sighed.

“Don’t get me wrong! I love Miles as a boy, of course,” Ms Payne reassured reporters. “But I’d be thrilled to have a cute little girl running around in shimmery turquoise dresses pretending she’s Princess Elsa. I often have dreams of him as a little pony-tailed blonde singing ‘Let it go’ ad nauseam around the house,” she stated.

Ms Payne reported that she’s been encouraging Miles to engage in typical girl activities like playing with dolls, wearing dresses instead of pants and painting his fingernails “all the colors of the rainbow.” Ms Payne told reporters that she’s even hosted sleepovers with neighborhood girls where they tell deep, dark secrets and giggle about boys. Sadly, nothing seems to work.

“It’s almost like he doesn’t want to be a girl,” Ms Payne stated in disbelief.

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