Meet the Dude Who Made a Cool $12 Million Online from Inside His Mother’s Womb

Meet the Guy Who Made a Cool $12 Million Online from Inside His Mother’s Womb

SILICON VALLEY – We’ve all heard of people making their online fortune from their parent’s basement or from some dilapidated garage only after they went through a nine month gestation period then a live birth to become full grown adults. Now, meet the dude who made a cool $12 million online from inside his mother’s womb, fourteen week old fetus Nathan Dillard.

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Barely into his second trimester, Mr Dillard is already in the top 1/10th of 1% of income earners and represents a new class of entrepreneur. Broke Times recently caught up with Mr Dillard in his embryonic mansion to ask the millionaire fetus about his rise to the top.

BT: Nathan, your story is truly incredible. You have no differentiated digits, won’t have anything resembling a brain for several more weeks and haven’t even been born yet. How did you beat the odds and become so wildly successful at such a tender age?

ND: It’s hard to believe I was a poverty-stricken clump of cells just a few weeks ago. But in that time, I’ve learned one must be determined and work hard. Since my conception, I’ve been up day and night working my little ass off. My poor mother thought she was going into premature labor a couple of times!”

BT: I’m sure you’re looking forward to your third trimester, then birth and your whole life after that. The future looks bright for someone who’s still floating carelessly in embryonic waters. What lessons can a rich fetus who barely has a recognizable human form teach skeptical, non-fetal adults?

ND: The future will indeed be even brighter once I breach my mother’s birth canal! To all the haters out there who say it can’t be done, I am living proof that anyone can overcome the most difficult obstacles if you just put your mind to it. Look what I’ve accomplished without a fully developed brain and a lemon-sized body. What’s your excuse?

BT: Any finals thoughts?

ND: Well, I couldn’t have done this without wifi and an old computer my father had lying around gathering dust. My mother has supported me so much since the very beginning of this journey. I wouldn’t be who i am today without her.

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