Trans Women Are Future of Men’s Entertainment Says Failing Men’s Mag

Trans Women Are Future of Men's Entertainment Says Failing Men's Mag Playboy Trans Playmate Ines Rau

PORTLAND, OR – Riding the recent transgender craze, failing Portland-based men’s magazine Get It will feature only trans women to boost it’s sagging readership. This is a strategic rebranding for the magazine as it sees American culture shift in its sexual tastes and desires.

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Get It art director Steve Nygaard said it’s time to rebrand and stay at the cutting edge of social change. “That’s how you stay relevant to your audience, build readership and bring in new advertisers for long term viability. Transgender women are the future of men’s entertainment,” Mr Nygaard boldy stated.

“During the last few years we’ve seen a huge uptick in popularity and acceptance for transgender people, specifically trans women,” said a spokesman for the magazine. “We’ve seen the transitioning of Bruce Jenner to Caitlyn Jenner, brave Chelsea Manning spoke out and now Playboy has its first transgender playmate. We at Get It are very excited about embracing this shift away from biologically determined sex to self-assigned gender identity as the norm, which is what the new magazine represents.”

The business department at Get It has done its due diligence on market research to determine the feasibility of the rebranding. “We’re confident this move away from obsessively featuring biological women is the right one,” said Cecelia Alvarado, head of business development.

“We forecast that over the coming years, biological women will be phased out of most men’s entertainment, even seeping into the popular culture. This will have a plethora of cultural benefits, like drastically reducing claims of sexual harassment and pay discrimination.”

Ms Alvarado continued, “Our market research also showed that straight cis men, whether black or white, young or old, rich or poor, don’t prefer to pleasure themselves with images of women that have biological breasts and vaginas; they prefer chicks with dicks.”

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