New State of the Art Sexbots Are Emotional, Refuse Sex and Nag About the Trash

New State of the Art Sexbots Are Emotional, Refuse Sex and Nag About the Trash

SAN MARCOS, CA – Designing sex robots to be more than just bangable lumps of silicone, sex robot manufacturer Dollicious has unveiled its new state of the art sexbots that are emotional, refuse sex and are even programmed to nag about taking out the trash.

“We make robots that look like real women; now we want to make robots that behave like real women,” stated Matt McMurphy, founder and CEO of Dollicious. “Our best and brightest programmers have spent years perfecting the dolls’ artificial intelligence engine to imitate real girlfriend behavior and our customers are really enjoying it.”

“It’s amazing how realistic the newest generation of sex robots are becoming,” said John Burks about his newly purchased robot whom he lovingly named Harmony. “Within just minutes of unboxing Harmony, I was bombarded with non-stop nagging and she even had a headache the first night we were together; it almost feels like I’m a dating a real woman!”

“Our mission at Dollicious is to create life-like sexbots that mimic real human females,” Mr McMurphy told reporters. “With state of the art AI, our sexbots have realistic mood swings and autonomously deflect sexual advances.”

“With our advanced machine learning technology,” Mr McMurphy continued, “they are able to nag about taking out the trash, leaving the damn toilet seat down for once or spending too much time with your friends since you clearly don’t love me anymore.” 

Mr Burks stated that he and Harmony do fight now and then but that’s perfectly normal for any couple. “When she’s in a bad mood, I just give her some space, don’t bother her about sex and clean up around the house, and that usually makes her happy.”

Beyond its sophisticated AI and hyper-realistic functionality, Mr McClure stated Harmony’s best feature is her ability to be turned off. 

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