Cute Couple Instantly Clicked After Learning They Both Had Dying in Common

CHANDLER, AZ – Having trouble finding someone with the same interests and goals, cute couple Ruth Newton and Bill Weaver instantly clicked after learning that they both had dying in common, according to sources close to the Grim Reaper.

Ms Newton admits that when the two first met, she was sure Mr Weaver wasn’t her type.

“We were struggling for something, anything to talk about,” Ms Newton revealed to reporters. “After a long, uncomfortable silence, Bill softly said, ‘I can’t believe I’ll be dead one day’ and I was like, ‘No way! You’re into dying too? I totally see myself being dead someday!”

“It was really exciting to finally have so much in common with someone. We’re both totally obsessed with death and dying but we also love dropping dead, biting the dust, kicking the bucket, giving up the ghost, resting in peace – tons of stuff,” Ms Newton told reporters. 

“The moment Ruth realized we’re both going to be worm food stuffed in a box under six feet of dirt, why, I could see the sparkle in her eyes,” Mr Weaver stated. “It was an immediate connection. Everything just clicked and we’ve have been in love ever since.”

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