Awkward! 22 Year Old Last in Friend Group to Sell Nudes on Onlyfans

Awkward! 22 Year Old Last in Friend Group to Sell Nudes on Onlyfans

HUNTINGTON, NY – Twenty-two year old Huntington woman Lela Ellis is distressed today after learning she’s the last person in her group of friends to sell nudes on Onlyfans, sources close to the upset young lady reveal.

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“The fact that my so-called friends started making adult content and monetizing male attention with their young, fertile bodies behind my back, before I did, really, REALLY hurts,” Lela stated, clearly distraught. “I’m not sure I can trust them again.”

The usually trend-conscious twenty-something is not sure how she dropped the ball on this one and is absolutely devastated she’s the last in her peer group to join the popular adult site designed to exploit men who couldn’t get a girl like her in any parallel universe.

“Like, I was plastering sexy selfies all over Instagram before any of my friends dared too – and I did it for FREE,” Lela told reporters who were curious about her friends’ Onlyfans pages. “It’s weird cuz my friends know that I’m down for anything that involves exposing my body for attention and validation – and money.”

Ashamed she wasn’t offering nudes to men she’d probably accuse of harassment if they talked to her in real life before her friends, Lela admits she needs to up her game to stay ahead of the pack. “I’m usually on top of things like this, but I’m still going to join. I’ve got nothing to lose but my self-respect.”

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