Nation’s Girlfriends Threaten to Have Sex, Warn They May Enjoy It

Nation's Girlfriends Threaten to Have Sex, Warn They May Enjoy It Angry Woman

BUFORD, MT – Boyfriends are cowering in fear this evening after the nation’s girlfriends threatened to have sex, warning they may actually enjoy it, according to one boyfriend still shaking in horror.

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“We’re putting boyfriends everywhere on notice,” stated newly sex-crazed girlfriend Clara Byers, “we’re coming for uninhibited, mind blowing sex, whether they like it or not, and we’re NOT going to fake it this time!”

Boyfriend Tom Bartlett recounted the traumatizing moment his girlfriend, standing above him with fists clenching her edible panties, demanded he fuck her brains out like a little rag doll right then and there.

“Seeing my girlfriend on all fours licking her lips and browbeating me into having sex whenever I want was like a nightmare come true,” stated distraught boyfriend Ryan Cunningham to astonished reporters.

“It’s disgusting and emasculating,” Mr Cunningham bravely admitted. “”And, honestly, for years my girlfriend has had zero interest in sex; same with all my guy friends,” he told reporters. “We may need to seek couples therapy.”

“Girlfriends are finally fighting back,” long-time girlfriend Savannah Rich proclaimed, “by threatening our boyfriends with so much incredible pussy, they’ll never want to stick their dick in one again!”

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