Man Certain Failed Relationship Would Work If Ex Were Different Person

Still reeling from his recent breakup, local man Billy Webb is absolutely certain that his now failed relationship with his ex-girlfriend would have worked if she had just been a totally different person.

Mr Webb told reporters that he loved his ex-girlfriend deeply and wanted to be with her and only her, but just wished that she had a better outlook on life, had similar goals and beliefs to himself and had a completely different personality.

The distrot lover reported that the he and his ex had even been thinking about marriage and having children one day. Now that dream is gone. “I’ve been wracking my brain since the breakup about how things could have gone better,” Mr Webb stated.

Through the good times and bad, Mr Webb remained in the relationship in the hopes that his then-girlfriend would wake up beside him smiling and suddenly be the woman he had always wanted. “But, day after day, she kept on being herself,” reported Mr Webb, “and I couldn’t understand why. I mean, how difficult is it to be someone else?”

With his stubborn girlfriend refusing to be another person, their relationship deteriorated quickly. According to Mr Webb’s account, he pleaded with his girlfriend time and again to take on a different set of character traits that were more inline with those he found relatable. “She simply didn’t care that our relationship was on the line. It was all to no avail,” Mr Webb stated.

It was then that Mr Webb had to think seriously about the couple’s future. “I finally realized that I loved her more than life itself, but just not as the person she is,” he told reporters.

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