AOC Makes History as First Congresswoman to Have Onlyfans Account

AOC First Congresswoman in History to Open Onlyfans Account

WASHINGTON, DC – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made history this week as the first congresswoman or elected female official in the United States to have an Onlyfans account, White House sources have revealed.

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“This is even more historic than Alexandria being the youngest woman ever elected to congress,” stated Squad member Rashida Tlaib. “She continues to be break glass ceilings for women everywhere, in the public and private sectors.”

“From bartender to congresswoman to Onlyfans model, Alexandria is a trailblazer who strives to empower women,” AOC staffer Erma Landry stated. “Whether it’s in government or in her private life selling nudes to lonely men on the internet, she leads by example.”

“I love finding innovative ways of connecting with young voters and my constituents,” stated the twice elected congresswoman from New York. “As a popular tech platform that appeals to millennials, Onlyfans allows me to do that in a personal way.”

Fellow congresswomen Nancy Pelosi (D – California) and Elizabeth Warren (D – Massachusetts) praised Ocasio-Cortez and stated they are considering opening their own Onlyfans accounts.

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