Harassed Model Is Fed Up, Quitting When Career’s Clearly Going Nowhere

Harassed Model Is Fed Up, Quitting When Career’s Clearly Going Nowhere - Beautiful Blonde Model - Small

Norwegian model Annette Opland is a 10 year fashion industry veteran who reports of being harassed non-stop. The harassed model is so fed up with her treatment in fashion that she bravely plans to quit the industry when her career is clearly going nowhere.

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The tall Nordic model told reporters that she has a few lucrative ad campaigns lined up as well as runway shows during New York Fashion Week that she needs to get out of the way first before she can officially quit.

“I’m also waiting to hear back about some big commercial jobs with major retailers after fashion week, but seriously after that I’m quitting this awful, messed up industry,” the beleaguered blonde model stated.

“Harassment is everywhere in the fashion industry,” claimed Ms Opland. “I’m just so sick of photographers, agents, designers, and literally everyone sexually objectifying me by calling me beautiful.”

“I’m forced to undress and change on-set and am practically naked for lingerie shoots,” the world-renown model reported. “The worst is when I’m creepily touched all over my body without explicit permission to get that perfect pose. It’s absolutely grotesque.”

Ms Opland maintained that she won’t be truly happy until it’s obvious her career is dead so she can finally escape the exploitative fashion industry forever. “I can’t wait for the high-paying jobs, the prestigious clients, the fame and the attention all to end,” Ms Opland stated with elation while getting make-up done for an international ad campaign in Nepal.

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