Trans Woman’s Civil Rights Violated When Stranger Avoids Eye Contact

Trans Woman Claims Civil Rights Violation After Man Avoids Eye Contact - Trans Woman at protest

Local transgender woman Kim Larson’s civil rights were grossly violated last week when a total stranger deliberately avoided eye contact with her as the two crossed paths on Fifth Street going to work.

Ms Larson, who prefers she/her pronouns, has filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles’ First Street Federal Courthouse against the unknown male perpetrator.

“As a trans woman, my personhood and dignity ought to be visibly championed by every random person passing me on the street,” stated Ms Larson. “That is my natural born right, and I refuse to be denied my rights.”

Innocuous, forgettable moments like avoiding eye contact on the street “literally” make Ms Larson a non-person. She told reporters that if people ignore her on the street, in the grocery store or anywhere else, they’re clearly transphobic. “Whoever this guy passing me was, he denied my gender identity and my very existence,” Ms Larson stated.

Tolerating this kind of systemic sexism from strangers every single day has taken its toll on Ms Larson but she is finally strong enough to do something about it. “The heteronormative world view I’m subjected to simply by walking down the street is crushingly oppressive,” stated the pre-op transgender woman, “but my purpose is to reverse this grave injustice.”

Ms Larson hopes that her civil rights lawsuit will enact law to further protect trans people by making it a federal crime to willfully or unintentionally ignore the persecuted group on the street or in any public space.

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