Little Bigot! White Boy Accused of Racism for Hugging Black Friend Too Much

Total Bigot! White Boy Accused of Racism for Hugging Black Friend Too Much

WACO, TX – With physical displays of affection against black people on the rise, bigoted white boy James Chase has been accused of racism for hugging best friend Trivelle Houston, who is black, way too much.

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Trivelle’s parents first began noticing their son being victimized by intense racialized hugging just moments after the two boys met on the playground this summer. “My sweet Trivelle was just playing in the sand minding his own business when this random white boy walked up said, ‘Hi! Can I play with you?'” Trivelle’s mother Deshondra Houston revealed to reporters.

Wanting to give James the benefit of the doubt, Trivelle’s mother didn’t step in. “As soon as that little white boy sat down next to my Trivelle, he immediately moved in for a hug,” stated Mrs Houston. “It was like James was trying to tell my son that he wanted to be buddies. I was absolutely stunned and knew James was a bigot and a racist from the get-go.”

Against their better judgment, Trivelle’s parents allowed the two boys to become friends. “Over the next several months, the hugging was non-stop,” Mrs Houston stated. “Each time James came or left, he gave my son a hug.”

Trivelle’s mother recounts witnessing many of James’s random fits of racist affection against her son which ended in him getting a great big warm hug. “It was disturbing to watch,” Mrs Houston admitted. “It was like each new embrace was another squeeze of oppression.”

Trivelle has been severely traumatized by all the hugging lavished on him by his good friend, reporters learned from father Wendall Houston. “We’ve had to put Trivelle in counseling,” Mr Houston confessed. “He doesn’t understand why James would want to hug him so much. So we had to have the talk.”

“It’s never easy telling your child that hugging is a form of white supremacy,” Mr Houston stated with a tear in his eye, “and that affection of any kind for black and brown people is a sign of systemic racism.”

Mrs Houston will allow the two boys to see each other as long as James shows no interest in being friends.

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