White Nationalist Richard Spencer Announces White Fashion Week

White Nationalist Richard Spencer Announces White Fashion Week

Handsome white nationalist and Southern statue defender Richard Spencer has announced the world’s first White Fashion Week. It’s a surprising move for the divisive white separatist but one he feels is necessary to jump start his vision of a separate white nation-state.

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“Fashion is always at the forefront of culture. Fashion predicts trends; fashion ushers in change. Fashion is revolutionary in that sense,” Mr Spencer said at a press conference at Bryant Park, the traditional home of New York Fashion Week. “We’re here to initiate a separate white ethno-state of fashion.”

Mr Spencer has not been shy about his fashion sense and impeccable style. At rallies and protests meant to strike fear and dread into people of color around the country, the young, dashing racist who still has a full head of thick, lion-like hair has alway dressed to the nines. Non-threatening and easy on the eyes, the now-famous white nationalist is clearly inspired by fashion for today’s modern man. “I hate to say it, but I’m a bit of a fashionista!”

At the press conference, Mr Spencer laid out his plan for ultimately separating the races into discrete nation-states. “First, we must separate the races by industry and fashion, as an industry consumed by establishing national trends, must be the first. Whites only fashion weeks will pop up in other smaller cities, becoming the norm.”

The self-styled fashionista continued, “White fashion week will be an inspiration for titans of other, even bigger industries to divide people by race: finance, healthcare and even government itself will be split along racial lines and so the white ethno-state will commence.”

Mr Spencer has teamed up with avant-garde white American and European fashion designers who share his white nationalist vision.  He expects to shake the fashion industry out of it’s “diversity-obsessed entropy,” as he calls it. The alt-right leader proclaims with a boyish smile, “Multiculturalism is so twentieth century.”

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