Opinion: I Don’t Consent to My Girlfriend Not Consenting to Make Sweet, Sweet Love With Me

Opinion - I Don’t Consent to My Girlfriend Not Consenting to Have Sex With Me

Like a lot of men in long-term relationships, I run into this problem of my girlfriend not consenting to make sweet, sweet love with me. She refuses for the stupidest reasons. She has a headache or dreamt I cheated on her or stepped on the cat. I tell her it was just a dream and the cat wasn’t actually hurt but she says it doesn’t matter; she’s not in the mood.

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But I’m a strong, independent man who speaks his mind and gets what he wants.

Sometimes I’ll delicately squeeze her bum or even kiss her, but all I get is resistance, so I let her know that I don’t consent to her lack of consent. What is she gonna do? Not have a mind-blowing love making sesh with me that she’ll never forget the rest of her life? She has to because I negated her lack of consent with my not consenting to her lack of consent.

See, it’s like this: If I don’t consent to my girlfriend not consenting to making sweet, sweet love with me, that cancels out her withholding consent which means she now consents to doing something she didn’t consent to do before I didn’t consent to her not consenting.

It’s a little confusing. Most of the time, she finds it easier to just lie down and take that big ole D like a champ.

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